Suicide Is Not  a Pain Reliever

March 27, 2023

What if suicide is a blessing in disguise?

Most teens interviewed after a suicide attempt give reasons such as they were trying to escape from a difficult situation they could not deal with or cover up for guilt or a bad feeling.

Their situations made it seem as if dying at that moment was the best thing that could happen.

But really? Could that be the case?

Quite alright, we all do feel overwhelmed with life at times that we would wish to just end it all.

The inability to deal with a situation often makes it look worse than it is in reality and makes us feel more condemned.

But the truth is, two wrongs can never make a right.

Suicide is intentionally killing yourself.

You put the people around you, your friends or family members in danger of grief and the risk of being isolated or stigmatized.

That alone could lead to a series of other problems like difficulty in daily routines, the regret of what they could have done wrong, poor mental health, and chronic depression and others.

While it seems you’ve been relieved from your pain momentarily, you put other people in pain, and maybe more pain than you felt.

Suicide has never been a pain reliever.

And to know that you’re committing a grieoffencefense by taking a life you can’t create.

You can always find a better cover-up than opting for suicide.

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