April 24, 2024

Our Woman Crush Wednesday, Dr. ANINO EMUWA  is an inspirational and accomplished leader who has left an indelible mark on a global scale. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, she began her journey as an exceptional student, earning a scholarship to attend Queens College, the prestigious public school for girls in Nigeria. Her educational pursuits led her to the UK, where she obtained a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.

Starting her career at Citibank, Dr. Emuwa quickly ascended the ranks, eventually becoming the pioneer branch manager in Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s oil-producing region. Transitioning into entrepreneurship, she founded Avandis Consulting, a renowned strategy and financial advisory firm based in France.

Dr. Emuwa’s leadership extends beyond the business realm; she is a dedicated philanthropist who has empowered countless women entrepreneurs and leaders through seminars, programs, and speaking engagements. Her accolades include being recognized as an inspirational global leader by Nottingham Trent University and receiving the “Women in Fintech” Award at TechPark Davos alongside the World Economic Forum.

As a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a member of the Institute of Directors in London, Dr. Emuwa continues to inspire as a goodwill ambassador for various organizations and a prolific writer whose articles on entrepreneurship and leadership have graced international publications. Her impact resonates globally, making her a true force for positive change.


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