How to Know if You’re Suffering from Depression as an Entrepreneur

October 9, 2023

Whether you are an entrepreneur of a big organization or just a start-up of a small business, don’t be surprised if you have face-offs with depression at work.

Depression is practically part of the everyday life of an entrepreneur.The reason is not far-fetched. You’re the boss, and all odds are against you. And you have the tendency to feel any of these emotions:

• Burnout from long hours of  work

• Empty success

• Difficulty not being in control

• Struggles to gain and maintain traction

• Sabotage from partners and staff or investors

• Or even being fired from your own business

All of these and more are prone to make you feel depressed.

However, there is always a way to stay above depression and bad days at work and maintain the lucky-go positive vibes regardless of the turnout of the day’s work.

Ensure to always do these to keep depression far from you:

Be prepared for it: Know that depression is normal as an entrepreneur. It happens, so don’t feel abnormal whenever it comes. Have a support system and preferably a strong support system. These could be friends in your network, mentors, coaches, or even family members you can trust and be transparent with. Ensure to build yourself a network of people that are credible and really care about your well-being because they will be your pillars of support when things go down at work.

• Eat smart and healthy: food can be medicine at times. You don’t necessarily have to go on a crazy long diet. Just study yourself and know what works best for you. Always ensure to eat healthy and at due times to give your body the energy it burns.

• Take exercises: This is also a natural means to get relief from depression. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym or take long races. A daily 20 minutes walk or jogging will go a long way in keeping your body fit and healthy.

• Take time out from your work: I know it often looks as though we have one important task booked for every hour. But chances are your work will still be there when you’re back, and better still, you can hire great people to work with you and watch your back when you need to take a break.

Other ways to keep your mental health secure is

having a good sleep


Meditation, etc

Taking these steps regularly will help you overcome depression and boost your productivity level.


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