#WCW – Nicola McFadden

June 14, 2023

NICOLA MCFADDEN is an exceptionally resilient and transformational leader, a visionary with an unwavering passion for empowering and inspiring people to achieve remarkable transformations in their lives, businesses, and communities.

With an extensive and diverse experience spanning over 25 years, Nicola has fearlessly tackled challenges alongside enterprises and entrepreneurs, including renowned companies such as Air Canada, Walmart, The Woodbridge Group, Blackberry, Nissan, Goodyear, and many more. She is now a CEO and Founder of multiple organizations and club such as the Chayan Club,  the UpowerUp Canada Inc. and the Nikimac Solutions Inc., a transformative consulting firm.  She is also a best selling author of several groundbreaking books, including Rebound Faith Chayah, 365 Live Fearlessly, and The Daniel Fast: Closing the GAP, all aimed at assisting individuals in overcoming life’s adversities, embarking on fearless life journeys, and experiencing spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and social growth.

Nicola has demonstrated resilience and can do spirit by not giving up to the harsh circumstances that surround her growing up and early marriage life. She is now an accomplished entrepreneur and a renowned transformational leader empowering dedicated lives. 

Her expertise lies in enhancing resilience, operational excellence, brand identity, strategy alignment, process improvement, digital adoption, and business transformation to conquer critical business problems and accomplish mandated and measurable outcomes. She has also contributed to global community development, Christian entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, black empowerment of men and youth, business transformation for Fortune 500 companies, and leadership development, among others, have been nothing short of visionary. Alongside these achievements she is genuinely passionate about empowering individuals, communities, and organizations worldwide, helping them reach their full potential for generations to come.

As a current student pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) in Leadership from Liberty University, Nicola’s passion for empowering others aligns with her enhanced business acumen. She identifies crucial knowledge gaps essential for effective leadership to address organizational challenges in a dynamic environment driven by globalization, digitization, and innovative technologies that are rapidly transforming every industry, business, leader, and life. Nicola’s unique perspective, empathetic nature, creative thinking, purpose-driven mindset, and strategic vision make her the modern leader that organizations not only desire but truly need.

Nicola’s objectives revolve around strengthening Black-led, Black-serving community-based organizations and the people they support through capacity-building efforts. She tirelessly works to support systemic changes and eliminate long-standing institutionalized discrimination and prejudice. Additionally, she prioritizes partnering with and transforming Black-led businesses, leadership, and lives by actively responding to newly identified issues affecting the Black community. Nicola’s ultimate vision encompasses establishing a center for black women, black men, and black youths in Canada, which will serve as a community meeting place, a think tank, and an incubator for small businesses led by black entrepreneurs. These endeavors are a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering the Black community.



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