#Faceoftheweek – WURAOLA ONIGBOGI

September 25, 2023

Our face of the week, WURAOLA ONIGBOGI is a dedicated and accomplished professional whose journey has been marked by significant achievements and unwavering commitment to her goals. With a background in Economics and Public Health, Wuraola brings a unique blend of expertise to her role as the Head of the Trade Services Department at the World Trade Center Abuja.

Wuraola’s passion for learning and her drive for excellence have been the cornerstones of her success. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Redeemers University and a master’s degree in public health, specializing in Health Policy and Management. Currently pursuing another master’s degree in business administration (MBA) at the Valar Institute of Washington, DC, Wuraola’s dedication to continuous education is evident in her impressive list of certifications and awards, including recognition from Stanford University, ITC SME Trade Academy, and the University of Washington.

One of Wuraola’s standout achievements is her role in establishing and leading the Trade Services Department at the World Trade Center Abuja from the ground up. Her strategic planning and innovative thinking have contributed to the department’s success, allowing it to exceed expectations and gain recognition in the trade industry.

Wuraola’s impact extends beyond her professional career. She is the founder of the Wuraisgold Charity Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to closing health and educational disparities, particularly for vulnerable children and young adults. This foundation, self-funded and supported by generous donations, has enabled impactful projects, including medical outreaches and educational assistance programs.

Wuraola’s dedication to making a difference is not limited to her charitable work; it also extends to her commitment to mental health. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance and mental well-being, she actively prioritizes self-care through activities like walking, watching movies, studying the Bible, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Her journey into entrepreneurship was driven by a vision to address market gaps in trade facilitation. Through extensive research and collaboration, she developed a clear goal, identified her target audience, and created a unique value proposition. Despite facing challenges along the way, Wuraola’s determination to succeed propelled her forward. Her journey reflects a commitment to innovation and adaptability, which has led to the growth of her customer base and recognition within the trade industry.

Mentors like Mr. Jude Chime and role models like Madam Ngozi have played pivotal roles in shaping Wuraola’s personal and professional growth. Their guidance and wisdom have been instrumental in her journey.

When faced with difficult decisions, Wuraola’s approach involves acknowledging her emotions, gaining perspective, and relying on factual information to make objective choices. This ability to separate feelings from decisions has been essential in her career.

In her industry, Wuraola sees professionals making a global impact by facilitating trade, driving sustainability, and fostering economic growth. Her own achievements, including successful project leadership and revenue growth strategies, demonstrate her commitment to continuous improvement and tangible results.

Looking ahead, Wuraola envisions herself in a leadership role where she can leverage her skills and experience to drive meaningful change within the Nigerian economy. Her dedication to expanding her professional network, deepening her industry knowledge, and mentoring others underscores her commitment to making a lasting impact on competitiveness.


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