#Faceoftheweek – STEVEN KORTAS

September 6, 2023

Our Face of the Week, STEVEN KORTAS is a driven individual who strives for perfection in all she does. He understands perfection is difficult to achieve but would be his greatest joy if he can get close to being perfect in his work.  

 Raised in Basingstoke UK by his parents; his mother is English while his Father is Spanish. He had a normal upbringing in a family home and went to a secondary school called Richard Aldworth then on to BCot Technical College and finally on to Surrey University.

He runs  an animation business with a great team of 6  in the UK but also work with others who are dotted around the world Europe, Australia and US.

Once graduated Steven  set out to achieve affordable animation work. Though he was told it can’t be done,  he quickly discovered that a quirky cartoon style was not for everyone so he went on to perfect other styles such as live action explainers and can also do green screen work.

 He and his team are guided by the brief from the client but a lot time and dedication is involved to be creative and stay relevant to each individual project. They storyboard all their work to ensure it flows correctly and gets the clients approval.

Steven’s team really like to build a good relationship with all their clients and get to know them weather its for a business or personal project so they ensure each aspect of the design is included and then they add our own personal touches to keep it true to them. 

 His love for  cars made him develop more passion to work on project for the motor industry.

In his spare time, he likes exercising so he spend as much time as possible in the gym as it is good for the mind as well as the body. Taking his bulldog on walks to scenic places and taking in the fresh air.

 Steven Kortas has come to see building his business out of nothing starting with a vision and seeing it become a reality a really rewarding experience that keeps the fire burning for him.

His advice to aspiring animated graphics designers looking to make a mark on the industry would be to  find a gap in the market where they can fit in learn and perfect their craft,  keep working at it whenever you can regardless of the  ups and down that may ensue along the journey. 


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