#FaceoftheWeek – MAH EKONDE

October 9, 2023

Our face of the week, MAH EKONDE is a certified parental coach from Lead institute and IDEFAS, wife, mom of 2 adorable kids and a Sunday school teacher for 10 years now in FGMC. Her passion to see children raised consciously made her create the gift handler community where she helps parents sail through the challenges of parenting.

Born in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. She is the first born to 3 girls of her parents who originates from Bamenda precisely in the Momo division. 

Ekonde started her educational in Duala and from there traveled to Buea for her higher institution studies and graduated with a BSc in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Mah Ekonde’s journey as a parental coach began when her Sunday school teacher asked for her help translating French to English in the children’s ministry. This experience ignited her passion for children, leading her to acquire coaching skills and certifications. Her husband has been a steadfast support throughout her journey.

Mah Ekonde specializes in mindful parenting, patience development, and strengthening parent-child bonds. She guides parents in understanding and managing different parenting styles, emphasizing love over punishment. She challenges the misconception that corporal punishment is the best approach, advocating for correction with love.

In her spare time, she enjoys long-distance running and finds true achievement in the spiritual growth of the 100+ children she taught in Sunday school.

Ekonde’s coaching has transformed the lives of parents and children alike. Clients have shared stories of increased child consciousness and obedience through her guidance. According to Ekonde, parenting is a serious responsibility that requires preparation and knowledge. Ignorance in parenting can affect future generations, making it crucial to equip oneself with the right tools and knowledge. Join her in the journey of conscious parenting.


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