#Faceoftheweek – Maeghan Jones

February 15, 2023

In an exclusive interview with Maeghan Jones, granted Bayo Speaks as a face of the week. She revealed her background, lifestyle, career and achievements.

Maeghan Jones is a Real Estate Associate Broker and a Content Creator. She is down to earth and super friendly yet very ambitious. 

Maeghan goals give her purpose outside of being a wife and mother. She loves to challenge herself and empower, enlighten and enhance the lives of others through turning her passions into paychecks.

Background Check;

May we get to meet you; who really is Maeghan Jones?

Well of course, I am  a Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, real estate broker, content creator, foodie, I mean the list could go on and on… I’m down to earth and super friendly yet very ambitious. My goals give me purpose outside of being a wife and mother. I love to challenge myself and empower, enlighten and enhance the lives of others through turning my passions into paychecks. Also,  I’d like to think I’m a ball of pure energy. I love wearing all the many hats that I wear and I love being around family and friends. 

Can you please tell us about your background?

Sure! I was born in Georgia and have been here all my life. I lived in Lithia Springs for the first part of my life and then moved out to a city called Douglasville when I was in fifth grade. I’m the baby sister of 5 and grew up as the only child but loved when my siblings came to visit. I did a little bit of everything as a young teenager from dancing to cheerleading to basketball to pagents to a short lived rap career to starting a YouTube channel and then eventually finding real estate and content creation.

Briefly tell us about your educational background?

Absolutely! So let me start by saying I absolutely loved my college years! Sometimes I miss them but not the school work lol. The connections, the ease of life, the life lessons and being able to connect with friends more. I went to KSU for about 3 years and got my Bachelor of Science in Communication. I then went back to school for real estate twice. Once, to get my salesperson license and once more to get my broker’s license.

What do you do for a living?

I am a Real Estate Associate Broker and a Content Creator. I love both aspects of my job!

What dream did you have while growing up?

To be on TV, I always said I wanted to be the female version of Steve Harvey and do a bit of everything while channeling my inner God given gifts and talents. 

Briefly tell us what led you into real estate?

Buying my first house lit the lightbulb for me. I loved the process so much! Like soooo much. I immediately wanted to share how I did what I did with others and I was so unhappy at my big girl job. It was just the career I needed to get me to where I am today.

What defines you as a Real Estate Expert?

To me an expert is someone who has been there and done that. Someone who has learned something like the back of their hand yet still makes an effort to continue learning. Also, someone who has a particular skill in something. I like to think I have done that with real estate. I’ve been there and done that by buying and selling real estate myself so I have been in my buyers and sellers shoes before. I’ve invested in real estate which puts me in my investors shoes before. I have learned the industry year after year as I continue to work in it full time and take my continuing education courses. I have gone to schooling twice during which I truly feel God gifted me the skill of being able to truly guide people through their real estate journey’s comfortably by educating and equipping them along the way.

What’s the hardest part of keeping your clients focused on home tours?

Oh good question! Sometimes if they don’t have a specific deadline it can be hard to have them focus on certain homes. Also, if there are multiple clients involved in the transaction it can be hard to get everyone on the same page. 

What qualities do you believe make up an effective real estate Professional?

Someone who is willing to go above and beyond for their clients, be honest, be transparent, be informative, be a resource and honestly be committed to this career full time to effectively serve their clients. 

What do you do in your spare time?

Oh I love to eat, shop, relax at home or re-arrange decor around the house. I also love to go for walks with my girls!

Can you please tell us about the people you admire?

I admire my mother and still to this day Steve Harvey. My mom is such an amazing woman. Life dealt her some hurdles that I would have never known how to cope with, but seeing her rise through every time gave me a sense of strength from within. She’s so family oriented, always puts people before herself, is a hard worker and always likes to plan ahead which is something I now love to do. However, Steve Harvey is still on my admire list just because he has proof that no matter what life throws at you, with God, a plan and determination you can still achieve all you imagine. 

How do you separate your feelings and emotions from difficult decisions?

Whew, let me answer this when I feel like I actually do this lol. I am such an emotional being. I do not know if I have ever really separated my feelings and emotions from difficult decisions if I am being truly honest.

How many homes, on average, do you sell each year?

About 25 or more. What I am seeing more of now is that my first time home buyer clients are selling and buying again. It’s so fun to be able to work with my clients more than once.

In what ways are people from your industry making a difference in the world?

We are guiding people through one of their biggest purchases ever. That in itself is such a huge thing. We also are assisting with investing, generational wealth, creation of assets and assisting people with turning their real estate dreams into realities.

What are some of your achievements?

I like to think that my biggest accomplishment is becoming a mother. I love it so much. I’d also say just doing my best to thrive in the cut throat world of entrepreneurship from real estate to content. It is so hard to give up when the money isn’t present but staying dedicated to a dream has such a great reward if you stick true to what you envision. I am proud of myself for having endurance, having dreams and working at them every day to make them a reality. 

Where do you hope to be in the next four years?

I hope to be doing just what I am doing now on a larger scale. Help more clients. Travel more for work. Love for my children and my family. Be financially free. To be overwhelmed with God’s blessings yet not overworked. I am excited for where God is taking us.

How can our readers connect with you?

They can connect with me via my website maeghanjones.com! It has all my info on it. I am most active on my IG. They can connect with me there @maeghanjones. 


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