Do you know talking to children about Suicide could help them think positively and reduces suicidal thoughts

November 3, 2022

It is important to talk about Suicide to children, because it is the second leading cause of death for your people age 10-24.

Children are so emotional when it comes to situations and bonding with them could help them in thinking positively.

Understanding their mood, and what communication skills you have will help to you to know where you can make adjustments in boosting them positively.

Be open in your conversation with them by asking them questions such as;

  • How do you feel when you’re down or discharge?
  • How do you handle situations?
  • Have you ever thought about a painful exit? 

Don’t fear the question you want to ask your child because it enables your child to trust you and feel safe that they can talk to you about anything whenever they’re down. 

Gathering information from your child allows you to connect misinformation and enter the conversation where they are .. 

When children hear aggressive words, they respond by acting out more, feeling fearful, yelling back, and this could lead to Negative thoughts.

Knowing their moods and knowing what to say to them could either build them. 

Talking about Suicide with your child is important for many reasons to create a safe environment where children can ask questions.


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