October 2, 2023

When God says,  “I want you to go through this,  and you’re like, it’s unfair, God!”

Have you had that experience, too?

It might be funny to know that God at times wants us to pass through some waters, go through some rivers, and walk through the fire. 

These are often life experiences we don’t want to have.  

I started an entrepreneurship journey at a stage in my life, and in all sincerity, everything kicked off all well and good!  

My young entrepreneurship vibe was so high. Every sign was telling me I was on the right path.  

Then, all of a sudden, things changed. 

Still with my positive spirit, I was determined to make it work. But with all effort,  it was as if God was not aware of the journey right from the start and the devil was roaring “You’ve got yourself messed up!”

But in all this experience, one thing that stood out for me was each time I shut down my inner critic and was alone in my quiet place, I could hear God’s reassuring voice, reminding me I’m not alone. 

It was at this critical moment of my life that I got special offers from people and institutions I never mentioned my problems to.  3 specific offers came to meet my needs without me telling them what I was going through.  

What could have been more reassuring for me at that time that Indeed, God was with me, and He’s aware of the whole situation.  

Of course,  we’d love to always get it,  have it our way, and do it with ease.  But let’s not forget that we wouldn’t have known the mighty hands of God to part the Red Sea so his people could walk through the sea on dry land and fall the big high walls of Jericho without even an axe if the Israelites had passed the easy route to Canan.

Many times, it’s not about the challenges but what God wants to do through us and in us. 

Don’t forget that He is God alone and wants to be glorified among and above all, to show forth his mighty hands and prove his greatness in your life.   

So whenever it seems you’re asking for it but not getting it yet, you’re doing it but not having it yet,  you’re aiming for it but not reaching it yet,  remember that God wants you to pass through the waters so he could be with you,  go through the rivers so they won’t overwhelm you, and walk through the fire because he knows you’ll not be burned nor will a flame kindle upon you.

And so at the end,  you’ll have the true experience of what victory looks like.

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  1. Frank

    I agree with you my ma..
    How can he then be glorified if we get everything easily on our own as we think without facing challenges and difficulties.
    In all thing we must make sure that he’s glorified…

    Thanks for this ma, more grace ma


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