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Bayo speaks is an educative and informative blog that helps to reshaping the mind, brings laughter and creation of awareness concerning the happenings in our society.

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Morning Affirmations

Morning Affirmations

It's a new week, kick start your day with a positive affirmation and reset your mind with a daily recitations. I have the strength to overcome anything that i do.I have what it takes to flourishI confidents in my inner strengthI am constantly changing for the...

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Way to prevent   Suicide  –  Suicide Outlook

Way to prevent Suicide – Suicide Outlook

Everyone has a role to play in preventing suicide and the ability to implement the tactics of prevention could help in reducing the rate of Suicidal thought and act. Here is one of the ways in which we can prevent someone from committing Suicide • Be patient in...

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#Faceoftheweek – Yetunde Oyeleye

#Faceoftheweek – Yetunde Oyeleye

In an exclusive interview with Yetunde Oyeleye granted, Bayo speaks as a face of the week. She revealed her background, lifestyle, career and achievements. Yetunde Oyeleye was born in Lagos, Nigeria and left the shores of Nigeria when she was four years old. She grew...

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Morning   Affirmations

Morning Affirmations

Energy and motivation are important parts of life. We need energy to go far, and we need motivation to work on our goals and dreams. Here’s our top 5 Wednesday’s morning affirmations. I have the strength to overcome anything that I need to. I have what it takes to...

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#Faceoftheweek – BIiss Ojeruse

#Faceoftheweek – BIiss Ojeruse

In an exclusive interview wih BIiss Ojeruse, granted Bayo Speaks as a face of the week. She revealed her background, spirituality, lifestyle, career and achievements. BIiss Ojeruse was born into a humble family of three children, being the first child.  Her...

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#Faceoftheweek – Kemi Ogunkoya

In an exclusive interview with Kemi Ogunkoya, granted Bayo Speaks as a face of the week. She revealed her background, career, way of life and achievements. Kemi Ogunkoya, is a Leadership Development Strategist, Certified Management Consultant, Author, Creator of The...


Kick start your day with a positive mindset. Affirmations.. • Any challenge I face is within my ability to handle. • I am prepares to face this . • I am capable and always find a way. • I’m already succeeding. • I’ve got this.

Remember the reason why you held on for so long

To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness, and prosperityto every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everythingand make your optimism come true. To...

Ex-Chelsea Star Christensen joins Barcelona on four-Year Deal 

Former Chelsea player, Andreas Christensen has officially joined Barcelona, agreeing a four-year deal with the LaLiga giants.Barcelona confirmed Christensen’s signing after earlier announcing the acquisition of Côte d’Ivoire midfielder Franck Kessie from AC Milan.“FC...

Morning Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a longstanding practice for those of us who need a little extra daily encouragement, and the best part is they’re free and they’re flexible! Here are some affirmations to spice up your day. I take calculated risk, not random risk I enjoy my...

Morning Affirmations

Get you day started on the right foot and prepare you to take action in pursuit of your goals. Affirmations for positivity I will speak and be refreshed Let my dreams and visions receive a rush I will rush through every obstacle I will rush through every hindrance I...