Morning Motivation

April 8, 2023

When things seem stuck and not working out effectively like before, there are many things you would want to check out. 

You might want to revisit your goals, reflect on your past actions and where you might have gone wrong so you could make a necessary adjustment, or better still, let go of what is no longer working well for you. 

And many times, we find ourselves struggling to let go of those ideas, plans, or strategies that are no longer working in the present because we’re so used to them and we cannot release ourselves to a new idea or inspiration that could even help us get better. 

One of the ways to let go with ease is to decide in your mind to let go. Make up your mind that you are ready to find a new inspiration. Connect with new systems. Open to new opportunities. 

Then put your decisions into actionable words of affirmation like the ones below. Affirm them firmly, repeatedly, and intentionally to boost your positive energy and determination to set out on the new path. 

I release old ideas that are no longer of use to me

I let go of unnecessary attachments that no longer serve me.

I am deeply connected with myself

I bring out the best of ideas and inspiration


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