Education: Effective Boarding House Administration by Nancy Ekpezu

December 8, 2021

Nancy Ekpezu is an education and management consultant and life coach of repute.

She is the author of the books ‘Dear Educator’, ‘The School Administrator’s Companion’. And her current selling book is Effective Boarding House Administration .

In this book, she shares her knowledge about boarding schools and the way they are been managed .

This book đź“™ Effective Boarding House Administration, addresses the issues we have in our boarding houses by providing useful knowledge and arming you with what you need to run a boarding house successfully and effectively.

It covers everything from why parents send their children to boarding houses, to policies and procedures you need to put in place for a boarding house, to the kind of staff you need and what their duties are. The records you need to keep in a boarding house are also covered.

It provides a guide for operating a proper boarding house. And lots more!

Who is the book for?

This book is for school owners, school administrators and managers, boarding house staff and every teacher who works in a boarding house. It is also for parents and everyone who intends to see order and professionalism in our boarding houses. 

How can you get involved? 

This is a campaign for order in our boarding houses and we mustn’t leave things to chance. 

It’s not until another school is in the news for a scandal that you should be prompted to fix things right in your boarding house. Do it now!

My sincere desire is to see boarding houses in our schools operate in a very professionally acceptable manner.

I am sure I can trust you to join me in this advocacy.

Kindly tell others about this book.  By Pre-order your copies of Effective Boarding House Administration  from  my website

Or pay N5000 to Nancy Ekpezu First Bank 2014532690(current account) account) 

After payment, send evidence of payment to WhatsApp at 2348035880367. Thanks you!


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