Peer pressure and its influence

November 10, 2021

Peer pressure is defined  as the influence from one’s peers or age group .A person can either be influenced positively or negatively depending on the company he or she keeps. Peer pressure is the inculcation of values which may be negative or positive in a person of which friends or peers are the driving force.

Cambridge dictionary defines peer pressure as the pressure that you feel to behave in a certain way because your friends or people in your group expect it: There is tremendous peer pressure among teenagers to dress a certain way.

Reasons why people conjure to negative  peer pressure in schools

  • They want acceptance from peers
  • They want to be “cool”
  • Improper upbringing
  • They have weaker personalities/Bullying victims.
  • Hormonal reasons

They want acceptance: Acceptance is a major reason why people are mostly influenced wrongly by their peers. Wanting to be accepted by the perceived ‘big boys’  higher their rep both in y society and at school so they go for it. While it is very good to want to be accepted it is also very bad, Every human came to this world alone and

They want to be cool: Getting branded as one of the coolest guys on campus is very enticing and most youths tend to fall for it. No one really likes the weird guy or the guy that’s alone most of the times. Coolness in their definition involves involving in all forms of social vices and all and they don’t mind going the extra just to look cool.

Improper upbringing: Children from broken or conflict filled homes are easily influenced by their peers a bulk of which is negative. The saying “Charity begins at home” is highly equitable and must be upheld at all times, parents who pay little to no attention to the welfare of their wards are bound to have children badly influenced from outside. Children should be taught the difference between right and wrong and also the implications of doing wrong.

Weaker personalities:Teenagers who can’t stand their ground are usually very big victims of peer pressure.They tend to get easily influenced and manipulated to conform to the doings of their peers which can either be positive or negative.Teenagers who are regular bullying victims also easily conform to peer pressure.

Hormonal reasons:The hormone system of teenagers is quite vulnerable and thus weakens their ability to judge certain actions correctly.Their resolution to issues are quite different and so may fall victims of negative peer pressure.

Effects of bad peer pressure

1.Drug Abuse:victims of peer pressure are usually exposed to drugs which tempers which their health.

2.Radical behavior: In a bid to show they have become big boys, they exhibit a lot of radical behaviors.

3.Overall change in social, Academic performances: Negative peer pressure victims usually tend to wane in both academic and social activities. They gradually begin to irk academics and decline in their performance.

4.Truancy/low school attendance: Negative peer pressure victims usually tend to skip school a lot and when they eventually resume, they find their way out either through the front or back gate(lol).

5.Change in attitude:A prim and proper/well behaving kid can suddenly change to a ‘villain’ overnight, good girls gone bad.

Solutions to peer pressure

1.Good parenting.

2.Checkmating of Ward’s company.

3.Communal/society education about the dangers of drug abuse.

4.Clubs in schools should educate about the dangers of Negative peer influence.

5.Changes in our value system.

6.Regular debates And education about the dangers of Negative peer influence.

7.Churches and worship centres should be used to instill good values on teenagers.

While the statement bad company corrupts good manners is very true and valid, your mindset is a major determining factor for Peer pressure. Having had loads of acquittances who are into a lotta stuff over the years, I can proudly say your personality is very important. So,show me ur friend and I will tell you who you are is not always valid.

“Birds of a feather do not flock together,when you have your own mind you can hang around any group of people and still be yourself”——Anonymous

Edited by Oluwasegun Olajuwon.


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