Suicide Warning Signs

April 27, 2023

Suicide is not a one-day action. It must have started long ago, but maybe everybody tends to be too busy to see it or just think it’s part of the normal way of life. And so no caution or care is given to the individual until it’s too late.

To prevent further story that touches, here are some signs to look out for whenever you’re concerned about a person’s sudden change of behavior.

• Extreme mood swing

•Abusing drugs or alcohol 

• Talking about being a burden to everyone

• Isolating oneself

• Visiting or calling people to say goodbye

• Looking for a way to kill oneself

• Constant depression

• Sudden withdrawal from activities they love.

• Feeling trapped or hopeless

• Having no reason to live

• Living in the past or always talking about an unpleasant past

• Giving away prized possession 

Of course, the signs to watch out for in a person tending towards suicide are more than these, but then, can you remember seeing anybody with a couple of these signs lately? 

If yes, you might want to drop a check-up call on them right away. 

The little things we often take as insignificant are what always matter at times.


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