How to get unstuck in critical challenging times in business with Affirmations

October 12, 2023

For you as an entrepreneur, getting stuck may look like this: 

Miss Sarah is a passionate and determined entrepreneur who once had a promising start in the world of business. She began her journey with a unique idea for an eco-friendly, sustainable clothing brand. 

In the early stages, Sarah’s business flourished. She secured funding, established a loyal customer base, and received positive media coverage for her innovative approach to fashion.

However, as the years passed, Sarah found herself facing a series of challenges that gradually eroded her once-vibrant business. From intense competition to financial strain, Miss Sarah struggled to keep her business moving until it seems all her tricks and tips have now failed her.

Now, if you’ve experienced that scenario before, you’ll know what it means to be stuck in business.  

However, one  of the actionable steps to take whenever you find yourself in such a messy situation is to repeat some lines of positive words to first calm down your nerves.  

It’s as simple as repeating statements like these: 

I am not stuck in this mess. 

I am going to get through this. 

I am not alone in this problem. 

This business is going to soar, regardless. 

I get answers to these questions. 

I get help from this problem. 

I am still the boss of my business regardless of this challenge. 

I am getting out of this already. 

Say those words repeatedly for about 10 minutes, everyday, mindfully. Then, stay calm and sense some peace coming through your moment.

Solutions may not come immediately, but you’ll have a sense of peace and insight flow through you, and ideas will begin to flow.  

Positive words are very powerful; you should give them a trial today in your business.


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