Cultivating the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Schools

November 27, 2023

Encourage students to explore their passions, provide mentorship opportunities, and incorporate real-world entrepreneurial experiences into the curriculum to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in schools.

Some of the steps that could be taken are

● Mentorship programs for students

There should be mentorship offers connecting students with experienced entrepreneurs who can provide guidance, advice and support.  The alumni networks can be leveraged here to connect  current students with past students who are doing well as an entrepreneur. 

● Networking events and programs for students

Students should be given opportunities to attend networking programs too in form of excursions to give the students a first hand experience of how it looks like with the jefd bezzos and the bill gates in the business world

● Celebrate success stories 

Another way to encourage entrepreneurship among young teenagers and student is to celebrate successful entrepreneurial be

There’s from within the student community to inspire others.  This can take the form of award given or recognition programs. 

These three key aspect will boost entrepreneurship spirit among secondary school students and teenagers if well followed.


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