June 21, 2023

UDO MARYANNE OKONJO is a leader per excellence, whose unwavering determination and exemplary lifestyle have carved a path of wealth and affluence. Undeterred by the challenges of her upbringing as a girl from a family of 20 individuals,  has left an indelible mark, fostering a wealthy mindset not only in the hearts of fellow leaders but also across the globe.

Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chair of Fine and Country West Africa, Maryanne Okonjo assumes a position of influence, steering the management team towards unparalleled success. Her adept leadership has enabled Fine and Country to secure a prominent position in the Nigerian real estate sector, specializing in advisory services, corporate leasing, sales, marketing, and branding of premium residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects. Through her guidance, the West African office has surged to the forefront, offering unparalleled real estate services to esteemed developers and institutional clients.

Having been admitted to the Nigerian Bar Association in 1991 and subsequently to the New York Bar in 1994, Maryanne Okonjo embarked on a triumphant legal career spanning over a decade, ultimately reaching the pinnacle as a partner in a renowned law firm. In addition to this remarkable feat, she served as the Senior Special Adviser on legal and constitutional matters to the President of the Senate of Nigeria.

Maryanne’s exceptional abilities were recognized early on, as she emerged as the best graduating female student in 1991 at the Nigerian Law School.

Her outstanding achievements were further acknowledged with the prestigious Chevening Scholarship, granting her the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in Law (LLM) at the distinguished University of London, Kings College School of Law, specializing in corporate and commercial law. Continually seeking growth and knowledge, she has also participated in executive programs on strategic marketing and branding at the Executive Programs of the Said Business School, Oxford University High-Performance Leadership Programme, and the Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge University.

As the ACE CEO, Udo Okonjo serves as a chief igniter and Berkeley Certified Executive Coach, attaining the privilege of acceptance into the esteemed Forbes Business Council. This invitation-only collective, developed in partnership with Forbes, recognizes exceptional business owners and leaders, granting Udo access to exclusive opportunities that bolster her influence and impact as a global business leader.

Driven by an unwavering passion for leadership development across all sectors of the economy, Maryanne Okonjo played a pivotal role in establishing Nigeria’s premier Real Estate Leaders Network and the Institute of Real Estate Excellence, alongside various other platforms for learning and growth. As an astute real estate investor and trusted advisor, she fervently believes in real estate as a catalyst for wealth creation and nation-building. Collaborating with Fine and Country, she founded the Finer Wealth Club, a groundbreaking women’s group that empowers more women to enter the property market, ensuring their financial security and equipping them to make informed life choices.

In her words, Maryanne Okonjo is unwavering in her commitment to redefine, democratize, and demystify success for entrepreneurs and mid to senior-level executives. Her mission is to guide them in achieving the extraordinary, becoming true ACEs in their respective domains. By encouraging individuals to stand out as authentic thought leaders, Maryanne empowers them to enjoy prosperity while making a positive difference in the world.


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