January 24, 2024

Our Woman Crush Wednesday, MARINA LAMPTEY is an unwavering force, dedicated to championing the rights of women and girls with an impassioned zeal. Her journey is a testament to her dynamic spirit, always in pursuit of avenues to empower individuals to embrace their fullest potential.

A graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with English as a minor from the esteemed University of Ghana, Marina embarked on a global academic odyssey. She earned a certificate in French Studies and achieved an MA in International Relations from Brunel University in London. In addition, Marina holds a graduate law diploma from BPP Law School and has honed her leadership acumen with a certificate from Harvard Business School.

Beyond her academic accolades, Marina stands as a trailblazer, holding the distinguished position of Head of the Diaspora Investment Desk at the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC). Her journey to this pinnacle involved successful leadership roles, including a pivotal stint as Senior Investment Promotion Officer with the Ghana Investment Promotion Center and her ongoing service as Investment Director on the Board of Directors for the African Diaspora Group since September 2020.

A passionate advocate for women’s leadership and youth mentoring, Marina is the visionary founder of Lean In Ghana. Prior to this, she served as the creative director of her own enterprise, Rhynah-Emelle, for over nine years.

Marina’s narrative is one of dedication, passion, and dynamic leadership. Her skills and experiences converge as she actively contributes to the development of Ghana and, by extension, the entire African continent. In every endeavor, she becomes the catalyst for growth, spearheading transformative change with unwavering commitment.


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