#WCW – Dr. Olamide Brown

August 2, 2023

Our Woman Crush Wednesday, Dr. Olamide Brown nee Orekunrin is a Nigerian born in the UK who has demonstrated her undivided support for her country through several investments in start-up organizations, particularly in the health and finance sector.

Dr. Ola Brown, as popularly called, is a determined go-getter who stops at nothing to bring her dreams into reality and getting it on a massive scale of success.

A resilience-minded entrepreneur who would never give up in the face of adversity. She started her company, The Flying Doctors in the United state, a healthcare company involved in air ambulance services, healthcare consulting, hospital/clinic construction, and pharmaceutical retail.

However, her business venture to launch The Flying Doctors in Nigeria was faced with tragedy as she lost her sister, a sickle cell anemia patient, when she became very ill during her vacation in Nigeria and couldn’t access adequate health care.

Despite the painful loss, Dr Brown founded her business in Nigeria and focussed on improving the health care system and medical care in Nigeria.

Flying Doctors Ltd would be the first West African indigenous air ambulance service that also covers and manages a series of healthcare facilities and healthcare systems. The company has gone futher to collaborate with other renowned healthcare companies such as Koniku, a Biotechnology company and medicine manufacturer.

Dr. Ola Brown has served humanity at different times from the wealth of her passion. A Covid-19 mobile testing booth was designed in Nigeria through her initiatives during the pandemic. She also co-founded an investment company called Greentree Investment, founded to finance startups in different sectors including but not limited to fintech, media, Saas, Agri-tech, e-commerce, amongst others.

She has won significant awards global scale and locally, such as World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leader, Forbes 20 Young Power Women in Africa YWomen- Naija 100 most influential Women in Nigeria, amongst others.

Dr. Ola has also received one of Nigeria’s national honors, Member of the Order of the Federal Republic.

The accolades and certifications of proof of excellence apart, Dr Brown is a renowned speaker who has delivered notable speeches on international platforms such as as TED Global Conference, the World Economic Forum, the UN, the World Bank, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge University and the Aspen Ideas Festival.


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