#Wcw – Amidat Soladoye

October 4, 2023

Our Woman Crush Wednesday, Amidat Soladoye is a dedicated and exceptional individual, relentlessly pursuing her goals with a profound passion for Entrepreneurship and Graphics.

She is the founder of Ammie_Creative, Stationed for design and creativity. Her brand speaks elegance and creativity.

Amindat adorns her work with all shades of colors. These endeavors are a testament to her unwavering commitment to brand visibility.

Background Check;

Can we meet you, please?

🎗️My name is Amidat Soladoye,  I am a graphic designer. As a designer, I do brand Identity designs and flyers. I create Beautiful, eye-catching, and Timeless brand Identities for brands and businesses.

Can you briefly tell us about your brand? 

🎗️My brand name is Ammie Creative. Ammie_Creatives is all about creativity. The brand is all about designs and creativity. It’s about helping brands and businesses gain or increase visibility as visibility leads to money. 

Visibility leads to an increase in sales, increase in sales leads to more income and profits which is the goal of most brands,  hence with beautiful and eye-catching designs there will be an increase in visibility as an increase in Visibility leads to More Money.

For how long have you been in business?

🎗️It’s been a year and a few months. 

When you started as an entrepreneur, what were the challenges?

🎗️Getting clients,  that’s the only issue I found challenging. However, after putting myself out there and getting to know more people, that stopped being a challenge on my end.

Was capital a constraint to your growth? 

🎗️Graphic design does not need you to have capital to start hence I have no issues with that.

If you should start all over, what are the things you would do better in your business? 

🎗️ So far so good, I do not think I have anything I would like to change about that.

As a startup, in your journey, what are the things you think startups get wrong? 

🎗️ I guess what’s holding some people from making a start is fear,  the fear of losing, or the fear of not doing well. 

I will say,  startups should stop procrastination,  kill that fear, and make a start. Quit every excuse of not making a start and take a bold step towards their dreams.

What were the 5 major principles that worked for your growth?

🎗️ Self-discipline:  I made sure I was self-disciplined while learning designing,  Although no one would question me if I was not doing well or if I decided to quit. But because I wanted to learn and I was willing to learn I inculcate the act of self-discipline. 

B. The principle of I don’t want to be less,  I want much more for myself hence I should do more too to get better results. 

C. Self- Reliance 

D. Self- Growth

Can’t think of more 😩🥹💔

What is your piece of advice for startups?

🎗️Hmmm mmm… My advice is never to quit,  and not to be afraid. 

Things might not be as rosy as you want now, and it might be more challenging than you might have thought or imagined but do not give up trust me,  all the hard work will pay off one day and you will be happy with a smile on your face when you remember how much you struggle to get to where you are #NEVERGIVEUP.


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