#MCM – Summy Smart Francis

June 19, 2023

SUNNY SMART FRANCIS is a dedicated and exceptional individual, relentlessly pursuing his goals with a profound passion for Entrepreneurship and Africa. He stands as an exemplary Motivational leader, demonstrating true excellence that serves as an inspiration for Nigerians and African youths to emulate.

In his role as a Special Adviser on Entrepreneurship Development to the Ondo State Government, Nigeria, and CEO of the pioneering Ondo State Entrepreneurship Agency (ONDEA), Summy Smart Francis achieved remarkable milestones. He earned his first degree in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvard University, complemented by a Creative Direction qualification from AAA School of Advertising in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With his vast experience in entrepreneurship development, he embodies the essence of a social and serial entrepreneur. Summy Smart Francis has been instrumental in conceiving and implementing numerous programs across different parts of Africa, focusing on fostering the growth and development of African entrepreneurs. Notable among these initiatives is Africa Young Entrepreneurs (AYE), a Johannesburg-based non-profit organization that facilitates intra-trade transactions among entrepreneurs from 19 African countries. Furthermore, he spearheads the African Young Entrepreneurship Network (AYEEN), recognized as the largest economic group in Africa, boasting more than 12 million pan-African members.

Through his visionary approach, Summy Smart Francis has orchestrated a series of programs designed to empower African entrepreneurs to thrive. One such endeavor is the A.Y.E Reality TV Show, a platform that enables African entrepreneurs to pitch their businesses or ideas for funding and partnerships. This groundbreaking program reaches audiences through both terrestrial and satellite television channels, offering exposure and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Serving as the Chairman of SSF Investment and Executive Creative Director of MegaMindz Production, Summy Smart Francis also holds non-executive director positions on the boards of several esteemed companies and organizations across Africa. His influential role extends to the Entrepreneurs Trust Fund, an innovative online cooperative platform he founded. This platform not only provides essential support structures for entrepreneurs but also fosters the promotion of savings and trust. Furthermore, driven by his neophiliac nature, Summy Smart Francis established the world’s first entrepreneurship village—an inspirational haven for fostering great innovation, creativity, collaboration, technology, and knowledge transfer among entrepreneurs.

Amidst his entrepreneurial success from an early age, Summy Smart Francis remains humble, acknowledging God as the initiator and Alpha of all his accomplishments. This belief is exemplified by his daily mantra: “I am Summy Smart Francis, and I am nothing without God.”

Serving as a TEDx Speaker, Summy Smart Francis has inspired a multitude of young minds. His achievements were recognized with the prestigious distinction of being awarded the First Honorary Doctor of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria by TBUniversity Brooklyn, U.S.A, in addition to numerous global accolades and certifications. As a visionary leader, continent builder, pan-African advocate, philanthropist, and creative enthusiast, Dr. Francis continues to shape a brighter future for entrepreneurship in Africa and beyond.


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