December 14, 2022

In an exclusive interview with Martha Akintelu, granted Bayo Speaks as a face of the week. She revealed her background, lifestyle, career and achievements.

Martha Akintelu is a People and Change Consultant. She has penchant for people and her career choice in the field of Human Resource Management has been fueled by a drive to work closely with people in a circle of influence.

She is seasoned in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. And her consistency has earned her lots of Awards and Recognitions.

Background Check;

May we get to meet you; who really is Martha Akintelu?

I am a 23-year-old who has a penchant for people and is most definitely impact driven. I have interests in reading, writing, watching football and engaging in fun, insightful conversations. Beyond these, I spend many quiet moments rediscovering myself.

Briefly tell us about your educational background?

I began schooling at kindergarten level, and I attended the same school until the end of my Secondary School education (excluding JSS1). That is, The Bells International Schools.

However, my first year of Secondary School was done at The Gem International Schools. I also attended Covenant University where I studied Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.

What do you do for a living?

I am a People and Change Consultant at KPMG Nigeria.

When did you know you wanted this job?

A penchant for people has always been a focal point guiding my decisions and actions. A study of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management for my undergraduate degree has given me a lot of insight into the field and it has been one of my best decisions.

My career choice in the field of Human Resource Management has been fueled by a drive to work closely with people in a circle of influence. I did a bit of research post-graduation on HR spheres that led me to discover consulting. I immediately took a liking to it because it gives me a holistic view of HR across various industries, promised a great learning curve too. I love excellence and KPMG greatly projects that. It was a no-brainer that our overarching goals are in alignment. Hence, my decision to apply to the Firm.

What dream did you have while growing up?

I had a lot of dreams growing up… lol! From wanting to be a Business Administrator to wanting to be a pharmacist and so many others.

However, one thing has remained constant – the desire to be a positive solution provider primarily through people management and writing.

How do you get to prepare a content before publication?

Usually, I have a content calendar for three months (changes to be honest). This gives me an idea of what I want to write about and gives me time to conduct research (I am very thorough).

I evaluate my publications from three criteria: Relevance, Consistency, and Relatability.

Those three influence everything from the topic to style of writing and mode of delivery.

What was your first win that made you confident that you were doing the right thing?

I was Health Prefect in Primary school and my zeal to posit solutions led me to request for a knowledge sharing slot during the Parents and Teachers Association meeting. This was granted and I did a discourse on Malaria, also answered a couple of questions. I was surprised by the knowledge gap. I got a standing ovation and saw the look of pride in my mum’s eyes but, beyond that I felt so good knowing I might have just saved lives.

Which five companions, living or dead, would you like to the invite to a dinner party?

My parents, sister, my best friend and one of my close friends.

Do you think Authors are struggling to sell their books; if yes, what can be done?

I believe that most Authors struggle with this or have at some point. I’d propose the following:

A – Know your target audience, study them, and cater to their peculiarities.

B – Ramp up your marketing efforts. You’re your biggest hype person. Let people see you and immediately think of your book.

C – Get motivated! Read stories of others who have braved the storms to succeed (you can sign up to my LinkedIn Newsletter).

“Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration.” – Sumner Redstone

Describe yourself in one word?


As a management consultant, how do you manage people ?

People are the most complex beings and that reflects in my work. However, it also makes it interesting. I keep up with trends in people management, ensuring I am rediscovering and reinventing ways to execute my work demands.

However, two things are constant in getting the best of people (respect and understanding). I have found that when I care to listen and be empathic with my clients, I understand them and their asks better. The better understanding increases my patience level and helps me manage chaotic situations better.

What are some of your achievements?

In recent years, my major achievements have been centered around an appreciation of my work. Recently, I was invited to my Alma Mata as a Panelist for a business conference.

As well as being a speaker at an educational summit held by the Lagos State University. It’s great to be able to share and learn in the midst of more experienced people excelling in their fields. I have two HR professional certifications ACIPM and PHRi. Also, I was recognized as an Outstanding participant during a KPMG Academy exercise.

Back at the University, I was President of my departmental association whilst holding other positions such as Assistant Director of the Theater group and so on.

Where do you hope to be in the next four years?

At the core of my goals is a drive to become a global HR influencer. To this end, I would like to continue working as a management consultant for the four-year duration stated. I also would like to pursue a career in public speaking as a plus to Management Consulting.

I am an avid reader, and this passion has translated into writing. I would have published at least four books by then. One has been published already. And hopefully, I would be happily married by then also.


  1. Larrybabe

    Wow, this is very insightful.
    More Wins Martha

  2. Adebayo Akintelu

    From what I’ve known about Martha both before and after she was born, I must say that I’m amazed but not at all surprised because she’s simply fulfilling her destiny. For this, I give glory to God!
    She’s a pacesetter and a great mentor to quite a lot of people even at her tender age, most especially to her sister who is closely following her giant strides.
    I’m very proud of you Girl and wish you greater achievements and fulfillment in life…..keep soaring and shining!


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