September 9, 2021

In an exclusive interview with the Real Estate Mogul, Grace Ofure Ibhakhomu granted Bayo speaks as a face of the week. She revealed her way of life, background, career, achievements, and her experience in the Real Estate industry.

Read the full background check below;

May we get to meet you; who is really Grace Ofure?

GRACE OFURE IBHAKHOMU, is the co-founder and CEO of Lifecard International Investment Company Limited – an ingenious Real estate Investment Company, expeditiously infiltrating the Real Estate market.

She is an Alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School, Owner’s Management Program (OMP24) set.

A wife, and mother of three amazing Daughters. From the shells of modesty and a lack of salaried employment or auxiliary network.

Her Career

Having come from the bottom, Grace Ofure rose through the ranks from hawking used clothes on the streets of Lagos,to becoming a trailblazer in business and an inspiration for women and other budding entrepreneurs.

Grace Ofure is an expert life-coach providing skill acquisition, personnel development, and trajectory enhancing inspiration to entrepreneurs and individuals.

She filtered the impurities from the real Estate blue print, and sculptured her Real Estate empire. Her stint with both Local and Multinational organizations has yielded prolific returns. She had nurtured her company – Lifecard International Investment Limited with no special skills or prior funding from the tendrils of a Ubiquitous Real Estate company, to a colossal Real Estate Investment business portfolio anchored by exceptionality in Less than two years.

Her Life in Real Estate

Grace Ofure is a real estate business veteran who has founded several 9-figure businesses from scratch, generated eleven figures in real estate sales  and is on a mission to raise the next cadre young, success-driven individuals through strategic free mentoring and premium real estate business education. She’s highly sought after, and regarded as one of the ‘Go-to’ Real Estate Investment experts in Africa, locally and internationally.

Now, She is a leading professional in the Nigerian Real Estate Sector, her industrious mindset has led to a passion for raising the next cadre of entrepreneurs and espousing the rich roots of Real Estate as an investment, through her online university called the Lifecard University where she seamlessly and strategically teaches Real estate innovation and literacy programs to over 1,000 budding and existing Real Estate entrepreneurs and Investors to enable them accomplish an expeditious trajectory.

She has been behind some of the biggest real estate deals in Nigeria, with her proficient tentacles spread across over 15 countries, and has thus become an exceptional Real Estate Expert and Life coach because of her integrity in proffering a wide range of Real Estate solutions – a phenomenal woman indeed!

As an astute Real Estate Developer, Grace Ofure is at the forefront of the campaign to help solve the housing deficit problem in Nigeria, through her Spring Apartments Projects designed to provide subsidized homeownership options for up to 10,000 Landlords in the next 5 years.

Building her portfolio with dedication, commitment, and integrity, Ofure’s experience in the Real Estate Sector has yielded great results that can be boldly seen in the magnitude of projects she handles and investment assets under her management company, Lifecard International Investments Limited.

Power Point

Grace Ofure is also a Certified Joint Venture Broker who has been behind some of the biggest real estate deals in Nigeria, having facilitated acquisitions in partnership with organizations like Chevron Corporative, Mobil Corporative, and the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation, as well as individuals profitably.

She is a visionary Amazon – the Eagle brave enough to weather the storms of housing deficit in Nigeria. She has provided a lee-way for potential and existing investors to access tremendously high-income producing investment opportunities.

She is of a strong belief that an opportunity is a product of strong desires. When people fuel their desires to achieve a goal, the opportunity presents itself and this leads to actualization.

Her Achievements

As a silent achiever, Grace Ofure sits on the board of high-profile businesses and has equally been recognized by Organizations of similar caliber where she received Awards for her Bolshevik and innovative contributions towards making the Real Estate Market bigger and better.

Some of which includes;

REDAN recognition award on outstanding performance

LANDWEY women in real estate appreciation award

Real Estate Developers Award as the most innovative and fastest growing real estate company of the year, among others.

In her experienced opinion, it is not enough to simply key into the transaction of Lagos’ Goldmine – Land, but it is also pertinent to dish out affordable luxury and Value at its zenith.

To know more about Grace Ofure, kindly follow her on instagram @grace_ofure


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