Why the Bad Days Should Keep You Going

March 17, 2023

Would I ever want to be an entrepreneur in my next life? I doubt it… 

That was me in my head one afternoon after attending to a client.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do. Being an entrepreneur is the best thing in my life – ever.

I have staff working for me, and I can control my working hours.

I could increase my rates and be creative with my life and business.

But the game takes a new turn when it becomes your sole means of livelihood, and you have to just do it like your life depends on it because your clients will always have something to say. 

Yes. Your clients! They need you. They have the problems they need you to fix for them. They are helpless without you. You’ve found a solution that can help them, and all they need from you is to be clear and specific on how you’re going to help them fix themselves. They strongly believe in you that they will tell you all you need to know just to help them. 

And your ability to help one is the ability to help all. 

So being an entrepreneur is beyond the back-breaking days and hard times of building your business. Lives depend on those precious efforts that look like failure to you because they are your learning experience.

And you just don’t want to give up yet because- you know that peace that comes with being a relief to someone’s problems. 

It’s not about the bad days but the big goal in view that should keep you going.

Ruth Adeniyi


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