Motivation – Meant For You

December 21, 2022

The people who are meant to be in your life will find their way back to you.

They have to…

Because the laws of nature have decided that maybe this time was not yours, maybe this
moment was not meant for love but for something else.

Maybe this stages of both of your lives are there to prepare you for different battles but you will come together again.

You will learn, grow, heal and perhaps love others before you find your way back to each other. Before the years have spilled into the crevices of your journeys and you have so much to catch up on, so much to learn about each other that you missed out on.

Before they realize the ‘you’ they left behind is no longer the ‘you’ they find because of the different shades of growth you experienced.

The people who are meant for you, the ones whose journey takes them on a new course altogether, will find you again. Because there is nowhere else for them to go. Because they can trek down as many stormy paths as they’re meant to, but they will still not find the home that they had made with you. Because you both have to learn, change and mend into the right people for each other.

The people who are meant for you will travel to the edges of the earth and still come back to you. Because they have to. They do.


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