5 Common Traits of Bad Leadership you should Avoid in your Organization as an Entrepreneur 

April 3, 2023

You might be wondering what leadership skills have to do with entrepreneurship. 

Good leadership skills are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. And the reason is because you need to be able to control the people under you effectively to bring out the best for your organization. 

And just as a good leader can easily be known by their results, so also a bad leader can be identified from a distance. 

Here are Five traits of bad leadership that you should avoid as an entrepreneur

• Lacks vision: Vision helps the organization have a specific goal to work with and motivate the team through each challenging phase of their work. When the leader lacks vision or ability to make others see a future that they would love to be part of, his team is likely to have poor performance and low productivity. 

A good leader should be able to inspire the people under him with a clear vision that they can have in their minds and would love to support so they could be part of the success. 

• Poor communication skills: There will always be conflict in an organization where the leader cannot communicate effectively with his team. 

Good leaders are great listeners and understand beyond the surface meaning of every word or statement. They know when to dial it up, down, or off. 

• Bad leadership lacks selflessness: Selflessness is a major component of good leadership. A leader who cannot put the interest of his staff or clients first before his will soon crash in the pursuit of his selfish interest. He may get little to no support from his team, and once the team members realize that their interest is not catered for, they are likely to lose interest in supporting him too.

• Not flexible or open to learning: Whether it’s from the subordinate or colleague, a good leader always remembers that he cannot know it all or do it all and that is why he needs the members of his team to work with him to support his vision. He, therefore, is open to receiving suggestions and opinions from his team members after which he subjects every opinion received to critical examination.  

• Lacks focus: a leader who lacks paying attention to detail will always miss out on important matters of the organization and that could affect the team negatively. 

Good leaders are intentional about each goal set at a time and are ruthless in fulfilling the aim of their focus. They learn to take a step at a time and therefore do not spread themselves too thin that they begin to lose focus.

Here are some of the traits of bad leadership that you should look out for and ensure you are not guilty of any.


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