Bayo: Urban Male Pro Voice Talent

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Voiceover Demos


Available voice over demo categories:

Commercial (Finance, Travel, Sports, Fitness, Clothing, Lifestyle, Music, etc.) Urban/ African American/New York/Midwest, Corporate Narration, Documentary Narration, Radio, TV, Audiobook, Spoken Word, Hip Hop/Rap/Poetry

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Vocal Profile

Male Voice Actor | Age Range 25-50 | Non-Union

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Voice Description

Strong flexible Baritone voice, Warm, Friendly, Relaxed, Rich, Heavy, Dark, Classy,  Savvy, Sophisticated, Suave, Authoritative, Charming, Fun, Cheerful, Clear, Caring, Calm… A Variety of Ranges… just ask and I’ll give it a try!

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My Ideal Clients:

I’m glad to work with a whole variety of unique purposes. I particularly enjoy and have a strength working with Urban, Sports: Soccer, Extreme Sports, Clothing Brands, Lifestyle Brands, Hospitality and Leisure (Basically a lot of the things I personally do, use, and enjoy).

I am also great with many other  types of businesses  & organizations as well (particularly the industries I understand): Financial/Cryptocurrency, educational, real estate, Non-Profit, E-Commerce, narration videos, telephone work, on hold messages, internet explainer videos, recorded webinars, long form sales letter videos, youtube videos, smartphone app voicework, and so much more.

If there is anything you need to ask me, you’re more than welcome to ask. I like to be clear and transparent with my clients, and I’m always fast and efficient in my responses.

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Industry Niches

Commercial (General Market and Urban / African American), Documentary,

Narration, Music, Promotions, Lifestyle Brands