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Bayo's Topics

  • Wellness

    Wellness & Health – “Play Well At Work” – In this powerful program, Bayo speaks on the source of all business success – YOU! Bayo personally trained & coached hundreds of elite clientele as a fitness coach in New York City’s most exclusive health clubs for 7 years. He will help you eliminate sedentary living, bad habits, and extreme stress which cost businesses billions of dollars in absenteeism and healthcare. Implement habits, motivation & commitment to a healthy lifestyle while achieving all your objectives.

  • E3 (Education, Entertainment, Empowerment) Entrepreneurial Success & Leadership

    Entrepreneurial Success & Leadership – “Leading Into The Future” – In this engaging discussion Bayo speaks on how to master influence, build teams, and execute successful projects utilizing E3 (Education, Entertainment, & Empowerment). Learn how to guide your organization and teams to greatness, using the right combination of confidence and competency. Nagivate the unknown by establishing the right attitude and disciplines that all great leaders possess.

  • Technology

    Technology, Productivity, Creativity – “How To Be A Digital Age Ninja” – In this innovative talk Bayo speaks on how to maintain mental clarity and focus, harness the 5 P’s: Purpose, Passion, Productivity, Performance, and Profit! Finally he turns you into a Digital Age Ninja by helping you define your lifestyle, vision, mission, areas of improvement, and slay the resistance which gets in the way of you reaching the results and outcomes you set out to accomplish.

  • Communication

    Communicating In The Global Economy – “How to Create Video Clones” In this informative presentation Bayo speaks on how to listen to markets, buy & sell resources online, as well as consume and produce quality content online. With digital exponential technology skyrocketing, it is essential your team & organization stays up to date with how to communicate and leverage the internet as well as market and sell products and services online via high quality video production.

  • Culture, Diversity, Adversity

    Cultural Understanding, Diversity, & Adversity – “The New Digital Community” In this mind opening experience Bayo speaks on how to understand all cultures, create and sustain business culture, thrive in diversity, and overcome adversity. Born from parents of two different continents: Africa & The United States, and a researcher of cultural anthropology, Bayo has successfully managed conflict, brokered peace, and inspired thousands from all walks of life.

Keynote Speeches

The W-T(E3)CC WAY: Personal & Professional Development In The Digital Age

Times have changed, but for the most part human beings have not. In this Keynote Bayo outlines his practical philosophy for personal and professional development based on his W-T(E3)CC Performance Model. Using stories from his journey, as he turned the corner from the 20th Century into the 21st Century, aware and focused, he has been able to synthesize an understanding of the cross sections that make the most impact in our current lives: Wellness, Technology, Education, Entertainment, Empowerment, Communication, & Culture. 

Eating Problems For Breakfast: Overcoming Adversity In Your Life To Reach Your Full Potential

In this keynote, Bayo uses the metaphor of football to explain goal attainment and how to succeed against all odds. Inevitably, problems will always be a part of our journey. However, Bayo shares how having an Ultimate Vision and Ultimate Mission mitigates problems and at times eliminates them completely, leaving you with a clear shot at achieving the greatness you are destined for. 

The Hiphop Driven Life (Remix): The Happy Driven Life

Having grown up in Hip Hop Kulture and written and published one of the first personal development books ever of its kind specifically for youth in Urban Communities, Bayo explores the impact of Hip Hop in the world, on people, on communities, on overall joy and happiness, and how it brings generations together, and ultimately the ways it can be a sustainable culture and vehicle for meeting all of our human needs: Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love, Growth, & Contribution.

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