Books By Bayo Olorunto

Transformation From Within.

The Hiphop Driven Life: A Genius Liberation Handbook

The Hiphop Driven Life: A Genius Liberation Handbook Practice and Preserve Your Rights As A Genius- This uniquely inspired work proves that Hip Hop culture already has all the necessary elements of genius liberation embedded within its many facets. Featuring well-crafted personal accounts, peppered with inspiring quotes from many of Hip Hop's genius creators, entrepreneurs, thinkers and activists, A.K. and Bayo take our interpretation of life through lyric beyond the usual and traditional surface exploration.

10 Steps To Hiring A World Class Personal Trainer

10 Steps To Hiring A World Class Personal Trainer In this incredibly detailed guide with audio, Bayo gives you 10 important steps you need to know about finding, screening, and selecting a world class personal trainer. Often when you visit a gym or a fitness facility, you may not know exactly what you need and want in a personal trainer. This guide helps you discover exactly that so you can communicate effectively with personal trainers and reach your goals safer, quicker, and more effectively.

A Ferrari Buried Under Snow

In this Ebook/Audiobook, Bayo uncovers a profound metaphor for weightloss he used to help his clients lose 40lbs, 60lbs, & 80lbs safely and effectively! Unleash the drive and power of the slim, trim, toned you! Connect with your authentic character, and use the V12 Engine Principles, to turn yourself into a lean mean fitness machine! Also, identify the key lifestyle changes that make the most difference in your weight loss journey. Be prepared to revolutionize your entire life with this incredible metaphor, “You are a Ferrari buried under snow! Now let’s win the race! LEARN MORE...

Weightloss To Wellness Makeover For Teens

Weightloss To Wellness Makeover for Teens Overweight and Desperate for Weight Loss To Dynamic & Sexy … For THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

Programs & Online Courses

Ultimate Body Recreation: 7 Day Mobile Online Course Portal

In this online audiovisual course with accompanying pdf Success Journal, you have a full members lounge to come back to anytime to learn mental focus and exercise strategies on your laptop, ipad, & mobile phones. Bayo helps you RE create your body ideals by unleashing the highest and best of your human potential. Learn how to harness your mental state, emotions, habits, physical fitness, avoid digital age traps. Enjoy rest, recreation, and play to create the lifestyle and dream body you’ve always dreamed about! LEARN MORE...