Adebayo A. Olorounto , is a Consultant, Film Producer, Coach, & Author. He is the founder of OLORUN Consulting International. He also owns a number of websites, blogs, digital products, and is a strong advocate of youth entrepreneurship. Having been a devout student of personal development and a peak performance expert for 17 years, he developed his career by applying his skills in many vertically integrated industries including: Wellness, Technology, Publishing, Marketing, Direct Sales, Real Estate, Travel, and Film. As a result he invented the W-T(E3)CC Performance Model, which is a human and organizational development model based on the current rapid pace of our digital age.

His model is the foundation for his practical philosophy that individuals, organizations, and companies are only effective when we harness our best resources correctly. Bayo is an innovative thought leader who can help anyone in any organization, large or small, tap into their greatest potential. He has experience training and coaching employees and executives in peak performance from every industry. He inspires people through his immense creativity, joy, and energetic drive to make a difference in the lives of others. As a graduate of Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within in 2011 and a student of Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, he also uses cutting edge dynamic skills as a practical psychologist and life coach to help people overcome any adversity, breakthrough mental, emotional, and physical limitations, and enhance their productivity, sense of meaning, purpose, and quality of life.

Bayo is a talented and gifted communicator, Bayo has the unique ability to apply fusions of left & right brain concepts from a multitude of creative disciplines including, creative writing, poetry, music, sales, entrepreneurship, and technology to entertain and engage audiences. As a master of increasing morale, behavioral change, and accelerating business outcomes, he has a well-balanced combination of expertise, wisdom, strategic and tactical pathways to power for your group. He ensures that audience members leave with lasting, sustainable tools & resources to revolutionize their success and personal development. As Co-Author of The Hiphop Driven Life: A Genius Liberation Handbook for Independent Artists, He won the Sean "Diddy" Combs sponsored Sean John “I AM King” Challenge in 2009 for his contribution to urban youth. He attended Austin Peay State University, & Vanderbilt University. Some of his passions include soccer, travel, cultural exchange, and mixed martial arts.

"Prosperity is the birthright of every human being... Abundance is available to all. Dollars are merely tickets to keep score, enjoy freedom, and access more of the Earth's resources. However, people are our greatest resource on the planet. Never destroy your self or others to acquire money." - Bayo

"You're already great. There is greatness within you; if you use it and apply it in a certain way you can overcome all obstacles against all odds, and master all circumstances and conditions and become a great and powerful man or woman. But you have to choose to rise to your full potential no matter how difficult it may seem."

- Bayo


"Most people have lost their capacity to be free... Freedom is about taking ownership over your entire existence mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Most people are familiar with comfort and security. Unfortunately, in modern society most people will do more to preserve their current familiarity than to pursue unlimited freedom. I'm not one of those people. I was not born into familiarity or comfort. I am comfortable with uncertainty. As a result I have a responsibility to share my liberation and freedom with others."

- Bayo

What's my story in my own words?

I was born with an Afro and some great gifts & talents. I had to let go of the Afro but I still have the gifts & talents. I have been reading, writing, an creating ever since I can remember. My father is an English professor from the Republic of Benin in West Africa, and my mother is American Graphic Artist from Indiana. I spent the first 14 years of my life growing up, in a lower middle class single parent home in Northern Huntsville, AL living in a humble dwelling at 4804 Blue Haven Dr. near the college campus of Alabama A&M University. I grew up as an only child and my first memory in life was my parents arguing and divorcing when I was 3 years old. Another vivid memory I had early in my life was learning how to spell my last name as it was written on the pages of my father’s huge text book on a shelf full of books. My parents didn't have much abundance financially, but they made up for it with an abundance of knowledge and creative tools. My father had books. My mother always had a room full of art, paintbrushes, tools, and crafts. Reading, writing, communicating, and expressing myself, thus became my strong suits, & I chose creativity early in my own life to cope with confusing emotions, pain, upset, loneliness, social issues, and as the springboard to living out my hopes and dreams.

What were my hopes and dreams?

Well, having been kicking a soccer ball around since the age of 3 years old by 1987 after watching the movie Hot Shot with Pele & Jim Youngs I was determined to be a world class professional soccer champion! Simultaneously, I listened to one Hip Hop tape that would change my life forever CRUSHIN by the Fat Boys. After that Hip Hop, became a consciousness that embodied much of my global and world awareness. My father moved to Virginia when I was 8 years old, and I spent every summer and fall going back and forth between both parents. It was on those 8 hour trips that I listened to music, read books, stared at mountains, and my mind opened to the possibility that we can create our own journey of health, love, awareness, and wealth in life…including fun, freedom, and fulfillment, no matter what road we find ourselves on that is not by our choice. My mind filled with Soccer, Hip Hop, Books, and Art, I was a strong willed, defiant child, with patient parents, I kept myself entertained by believing there were no limitations and that I could be whatever I wanted to be in life. The first place I learned to go after goals with wreckless abandon and win was on soccer fields.

What Shaped My Core Values & Beliefs

No upbringing is perfect, and mine certainly wasn't. I lacked a lot of connectivity in my family, I grew up as a biracial child in a very segrated southern state of Alabama. I was influenced, by the 80's Hip Hop, MTV, Television, Movies. Most of the kids around me weren't exactly angels, and came from some tough broken homes. One thing I did always know was that I wanted the good life, to be successful, wealthy, happy, and have "family wholeness". By 13 years old most of my core values were shaped. Yes, I wanted Achievement, success, significance, certainty, Joy/Happiness, faith, health,  humor, fun, love, gratitude, abundance, honor, peace, wisdom, passion, unity. However, I didn't have any clear role models on how to live such a life. So I always believed the route to get there was to do well in soccer and school. In that effort, there were three ideals that, I later in retrospect found became the obsession of my destiny: Creativity, Peak Performance, and Accelerated learning. I was obsessed if I kept at these ways of getting better in better I could have anything I want in life, and they have since driven every behavior in my life. When I was 16 years old, I was always naturally very good in Soccer, however I would dream of playing college soccer and eventually professional, national & international soccer. I was willing to do whatever it took within the law and my ethics to get there. Curiously I would search the libraries for the "sleight edge". The first book I ever read on the subject of Peak Performance was The Achievement Zone by Shane Murphy. From 1987 to 1994, Murphy was the sports psychologist at the U.S. Olympic Committee's training center in Colorado. I decided I would "go pro" so in 1996 I rigorously read his book from cover to cover in one day and took notes.... at 16 years old!! While I did apply all 8 principles, and achieve enjoyable levels of success in Soccer and school, I later opted out of a Division II soccer scholarship, and 6 other Division 1 colleges were recruiting me for academics, but not soccer. I decided to go to Division 1 Vanderbilt University for it’s “Harvard of the South” academic reputation. As I got older, continuing education eventually outweighed my desire to play professional sports. What we love stands the test of time. Below is me in my sophomore year at Vanderbilt.

What major Lessons, Failures, & Setbacks Changed

My Life, Destiny, Ultimate Vision & Mission?

Many lessons I learned helped me to evolve into a man since the age of 21. Many of them have shaped much of what I consult, coach, and teach others today. When I entered the world at 18 fresh into college, I did not have an accurate roadmap for success in America, let alone the world. My parents and much of my relatives believed that the default college education and a "good job" were the pathway to all success, which is 50% of the truth. Education is important. Unfortunately, when I got to college I did not make course choices based on my gifts & talents: Writing, Communication, etc. I chose pre-med and molecular biology, because loving family and advisors told me I should always have "payable skills - something to fall back on." Then later some major financial losses in my own father's life, and low grades, forced me to make a financially tough decision, to not take loans on the $30K per year Vanderbilt tuition. I was now learning that I as a man had limitations, strengths, and weaknesses. I went to extremes to correct my weakness in Science and Math with vigilant discipline and nothing improved. I went back into more personal development material to find answers within myself. I read magazines, articles, and biographies of millionaires and billionaires to see what they did to be successful. Suprisingly I found that most of them "dropped out" of college. I do not advocate dropping out of college, but I do advocate mentors and role models. I later dropped out of both Vanderbilt University and Austin Peay University, to pursue what would become my own self-education, reading close to a 1,000 books on spirituality, culture, human behavior, lifestyle design, entrepreneurship, psychology, communication, and change over the course of 15 years. I began choosing my friends based off of their interests, intellectual curiosity, and similar dreams rather than just the proximity of work. I continued to work odd jobs. I mentored a younger cousin at the time who had been initiated in a gang. Later I learned that although I could not change the whole world. Everything I did could make a difference. We later together co-wrote the classic "The Hiphop Driven Life: A Genius Liberation Handbook" I very wisely concluded that for my level of life ambition and desire I would not work in any long term job that had a "capped" income level which had put my mother & father in the financial restraints in my early years and limitations they faced all my life. I began writing, communicating, and expressing not what society wanted me to be, but the man I knew I was destined to become. As a result, I have had life experiences that very few have had, and many dream of having. Taking responsibility for my own self-education, skills, and career as an entrepreneur, while extremely difficult and challenging, has been one of the most liberating & fulfilling experiences of my life.

As I reflect back on my winding journey of success, I continue to use these same skills of peak performance to achieve everything I want to be, do, and have in life since 16 years old including better relationships, public speaking, authoring my own books, sales mastery, internet technology, writing & recording rap music, entrepreneurship, teaching the skills of network marketing, martial arts, personal training, nutrition/life coaching, volunteering, & venture philanthropy. Since those early years playing soccer, I have created my own new frameworks to provide value to humanity, but essentially I have spent 17 years living and mastering the same 8 core principles Murphy wrote about many years ago that I truly embody, and which I know for sure are the ultimate foundation to maximizing your own highest potential for anything you want in life:

1.) Action focus 2.) Creative thinking 3.) Productive analysis

4.) Keeping cool 5.) Concentration 6.) Emotional power

7.) Energizing 8.) Consistency

More importantly, having had the tears in my eyes, the sweat on my brow, and blood on my lip, I have the authenticity, real world experiences, insights, failures, successes, personal and professional tragedies, triumphs, case studies, and stories to convey this message to you in a way that will transform your life and that of your audience forever… this is why Bayo speaks. Now, what do you want me to speak about to empower your team, school, company, or organization? I look forward to helping you achieve whatever you want in life, and your group to achieve it’s ultimate vision and mission.