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Meet Bayo

Adebayo A. Olorounto , is a Consultant, Producer, Coach, & Author. He is the founder of OLORUN Consulting International. He also owns a number of websites, blogs, digital products, and is a strong advocate of youth entrepreneurship. Having been a devout student of personal development and a peak performance expert for 17 years, he developed his career by applying his skills in many vertically integrated industries including: Wellness, Technology, Publishing, Marketing, Direct Sales, Real Estate, Travel, and Film. As a result he invented the W-T(E3)CC Performance Model: Wellness, Technology, Education, Entertainment, Empowerment, Communication, Culture, which is a human and organizational development model based on the current rapid pace of our digital age. Learn More Here

"In life you are going to get hit by problems & maybe hurt by them. If you get hit by problems running toward your ultimate vision, it'll hurt, but you'll keep moving forward out of sheer love. If you get hit hard by problems you let come to you; waiting on luck, lotteries, and miracles, you may never get back up." - Bayo

Bayo is very wise and a has a vibrant spirit!

Deepak Chopra , The Chopra Foundation

Great voice, big heart, and takes action to help others!

Dragan Trajkovski, The Anthony Robbins Companies